About Otto's Planet

Otto's Planet is simple: it is the idea that we can all give more to make our community a better place. We simply want to make a contribution that we hope can enrich lives, inspire people, and make a noticeable positive impact on our community.

The Otto's Planet program is simple. For every car purchased at Otto's BMW or Otto's Subaru, the customer is presented with a list of Otto's causes. Whichever charity is chosen will be given a fixed donation amount through Otto's Planet. We have chosen these charities because we believe in the work they do. The causes that appear are non-profit, some are local to the Ottawa area and others operate at the international level.

Otto's Planet is all about giving time. The staff of both Otto's BMW, Otto's Subaru, the media and the community, are dedicated to helping the causes that we believe in. Otto's Planet is an idea. But most importantly, Otto's Planet is a lifestyle of giving. For in the end, we should be more proud of what we have given than what we have. This generosity is Otto's vision, and we invite you to be a part of it.